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we use international vision and our unique competences to identify new market opportunities and build successful businesses.

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Core values

Sharing the same core values is the foundation of our management and the basis of our success. With common vision and principles we can ensure long-term commitment and sustainability for all our partners.

  • Speed & Energy

    The global markets change at an incredible speed. This helps us to benefit from new opportunities. We have energy, speed and the proven experience in transforming these opportunities into successes.

  • Presence in

    Europe, Russia,
    South-East Asia, China,
    South Africa

  • Team & Partnership

    Successful businesses created by right people. We know how to build strong management teams. We offer dependable, on-going support to the companies we partner, knowing that our long-term commitment will ensure enduring growth.

How we work

We place high emphasis on KPIs management and go deeply into our businesses. With our action driven spirit we do not spend much time over tasks, we just solve them. We devote all our expertise along with our energy and result-oriented mindset to make every project work.

We use our proven and productive approach to any business we launch. This process includes three main stages:

  • Opportunities identification

    Our experts discover market opportunities for new businesses.

  • Implementation

    That is a phase of not more than 181 days when we transform an idea into real business.

  • Nursing and

    We extend the partnership, providing committed follow-up and assistance to the new company’s operational maturity.


Direct Group has proven track record of 9 successful exits with international strategic players. All these companies are market leaders in various industries demonstrating our unique business approach and making us proud of our Russian heritage.


We invest in businesses that we know from A to Z how to make them work. Our unique know-how in B2C markets lets us identify forward-looking opportunities and transform them into sustainable companies. Successfully started in Russia we have already expanded our business technology in Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. Search for new bright outlooks in Asia is a very important part of our strategy.

Our activities are focused on, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • 1 Consumer digital
    and mobile internet
  • 2 Multi-channel
  • 3 Direct
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